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Essex Junior Closed Results

The Essex Junior Closed was held at BATTS Harlow on Sunday 5 January 2020. By the Closing Date of 10 December there was a doubt that the event would be held but with twenty late entries accepted the event went ahead with 67 entries. The order of play of the events had to be changed from last year with the increased number of girl entrants. The opening events were the Under 11 Open (Boys and Girls), three less than last year, the Under 18 Restricted Boys (two less than last year) and space to squeeze in the Under 15 Girls event, an event that only attracted one entrant last year. These three events could be played at the same time. Basically Groups of three players with the top two going through to the KO stages. This was the first year for many years to hold every event with enough players entered in each event.


For the Under 11 Open event there were four Groups with five girls (one girl pulled out that morning with a foot injury) and seven boys. Two girls and two boys were selected as seeds. At the Group stage every seed won their Group and only one match went to a fourth game. In the quarter finals No. 3 equal seed Scarlotte Mills (Sou) had won her first two games 13-11, 11-9 but then lost the next three games 2-11, 3-11,4-11 to Luv Goel (Che). The other three seeds won their matches 3-0. In the semi finals Luv lost to the number two seed Evie Knaapen (Sou) 11-6, 3-11, 11-3, 11-6 but in the other semi there was a titanic battle between number three equal seed Shrinand Vijayakrichnan (Sou) and number 1 seed Charles Donald (Che) in a match that literally went to the wire. Charles eventually won 11-3, 6-11, 11-7, 8-11, 15-13. In the final Charles won 11-9, 11-3, 11-8.



The Under 18 Boys Restricted event is for players who have never played for the County. There is no seeding so the Groups are luck of the draw as is the KO stage. There were five Groups as against last year’s seven.

Matches in four of the Groups were all won 3-0 and Group 2 was by far the strongest Group. In the opening match Mario Ioakim (Woodford Wells) just got the better of Noah Sage (Bur) 9, -14, 9 ,8 while in his next match he was on the receiving end, losing 9, 8, -11, -8, 8 to Joshua Bickles (Che). The final Group match between Noah and Joshua was even closer with Joshua winning the final two points to win 5, 8, -12, -9, 10. In the quarter finals two matches went the full distance,  Charlie Kauders-Boothby (Sou) overcoming Sudheep Kamma (Che) 5, -7, -5, 8, 6 while clubmates Joshua and Vineeth Kamma met in the bottom half of the draw, Joshua coming back from 2-1 down to win 9, -10, -8, 7, 6. Charlie and Joshua both lost their semi-final matches to the Colchester duo Bright Bedding and Toby McLewin respectively and Toby went on to win the final -9, 5, -8, 8, 7.


In the Under 15 Girls event the two seeds, Mabel Shute (Woodford Wells) and Alesha Ellis-Austin (Che) both won their Group matches comfortably. When the other two players in each Group met both matches went the full distance, Rachana Jatla (Mossford) beat Emilie Guilloux (Che) and Daniya Elfallah (Ilford) beat Evie Knaapen. In the final Mabel beat Alesha 7, 7, 6.


The next events were the Under 13 Boys and Girls events. Only five boys Groups as against eight Groups last year. For the girls nine entrants this year as against only three last year. Maliha Baig had requested to be allowed to play in the boys events for experience and which would enable other girls the opportunity of winning events. The request was granted. Four of the five seeds won their Group, the fifth seed had withdrawn as he was required to play football. Number 2 seed Joseph Buscombe (Sou) was defeated by Rees Christina (Woodford Wells) -9, -8, 3, 5, 5 in the quarter final and then Rees lost to Maliha 6, 4, -12, 8 in the semi-final. In the other semi top seed James Donald (Che) beat Sudheep 8, 9, 8. The final was a thriller with some terrific high speed rallies keeping the spectators aghast. Maliha eventually won -7, 8, -9, 6, 2.


Meanwhile the four seeds in the Under 13 Girls event were winning their Groups at a more leasurely pace and all matches by 3-0 margins. Mabel, Evie and Alesha all won their quarter final matches but Katie Tanner (Sou) lost to Rachana Jatla 3-1. Sister Sarah also lost to Evie 3-1. In the Semi’s Mabel a comfortable 3-0 win over Rachana, but the other Semi went to five games, Evie defeating Alesha -8, 9, 7, -6, 6. Mabel won the final 9, 5, 3.


The event with the largest number of entrants was the Under 15 Boys with nine Groups. Here again seven of the nine seeds winning their Groups with the other two withdrawing to play football. Two matches went to a fourth game and two to a fifth game, seed Tobie Zeffie struggling to beat Rees Christina to win his Group. At the quarter final stage top seed Ralph Pattison (BATTS) beat Joshua Bickles 8, 6, -11, 9, Ben Porter (Che) beat Toby Zeffie 11. 8, 8, James Donald beat Rees Christina 7, 3, 3, and Maliha Baig beat Liam Harris 7, 7, 4.




In the semi-finals Ralph beat Ben 5, 8, 5 and in a repeat of the earlier match Maliha again beat James, this time 10, 8, 7. In the final Maliha took the first game 11-7 but lost the next three games 6, 13, 2, that third game being the match decider.


There were nine girls in the Under 18 event this year, a major improvement on last year’s two entries. Emily Kidd (Sou) won her Group but Annabel Sweeney (Che) lost to Mabel Shute -10, -5, 9, 8, -7 to finish runner up in her Group  while Nyree Marsh (Che) was taken the full distance by Melinda Abraham Victor (Che) 8, 7, -7, -7, 4 in the last Group match to win the Group. Having beaten Melinda in the quarter final Annabel beat Emily Kidd 6, 6, 9 in the semi to get to the final and meet Nyree who had beaten Mabel 12, 6, 12 in their semi. In the final Nyree won 4, -8, 3, 5.


In the Under 18 Girls Restricted there were two Groups and Annabel had to withdraw from the event. Melinda defeated Joanna Gaudini (Sou) 7, 9, 12 to meet Nyree in the final. No marathon this time with Nyree winning 2, 11, 10.


The final event of the day was the Under 18 Boys Singles. Same number of Groups as last year. Ray Yan had to withdraw two days before with illness and the remaining seeds all won their Groups.  In the quarter finals number one seed Jaden Aulakh (Fusion) beat Toby Zeffie 9, 10, 11, Jesse Bath (Wanstead) beat Ralph Pattison 9, -5, 10, -8, 9 for a very narrow win, Daniel Zeffie (Sou) beat Toby McLewin (Col) -4, 13, -5, 7, 8 and Daniel Young (Cla) beat Joshua Bickles 6, 1, 6. In the semi finals Jaden beat Jesse -7, 9, 9, 3, and Daniel Zeffie beat Daniel Young 6, -8, 8, -10, 8. Jaden won the final 8, 7, 3 over Daniel Zeffie.

Under 18 Girls Restricted winner Nyree Marsh (left) and runner-up Melinda Abraham Victor (right) with coach Lee Mchugh

Under 18 Girls Restricted winner Nyree Marsh (left) and runner-up Melinda Abraham Victor (right) with coach Lee Mchugh


Under 11 Open Event winner and runner up Charles Donald and Evie Knaapen

Under 11 Open Event winner and runner up Charles Donald and Evie Knaapen

Arthur C. Clark

Essex Junior Match Secretary and Tournament Organiser.



Essex girls top the table

The Final round of County Junior Championship Division 1B matches were played at BATTS Harlow on Saturday 9 November 2019. For the first round of matches they had been played at Burgess Hill, Sussex, and at BATTS on 12 October to reduce travelling. Sussex 1 led the southern sub-division with six points from Dorset 1, Sussex 2 and Surrey 2 whilst the northern sub-division comprised Essex 1, Norfolk, Middlesex 1 and 2.

However, on the day before these matches were due to be played Middlesex reported that neither of their teams could field a team so they conceded their matches to Norfolk and Essex 1 leaving just this one match to be played which Essex won 10-0. Junior Division 2C were also playing their first round matches at Burgess Hill and BATTS.

The Essex team for the Final round of matches when all eight teams met at BATTS was Jaden Aulakh (702), Daniel Young (639), Ray Yan (502), Gracie Edwards (730) with Maliha Baig (378) promoted to the first team now that Tiana Dennison was no longer a Junior player, this being the same team as that that beat Norfolk. The current Ranking points of all the players are shown in red where known. After that first round match and the two concessions Essex were equal first with Sussex 1 with Dorset and Norfolk two points behind.


The top two teams met in the opening round of matches. Both the two opening matches went the full distance and both finished with 11-5 scores and fluctuating games. Daniel won 4, -9, 5, -7, 5 against Owen Brown (816) while Ray lost to Keigo Burnham (616) 9, -5, 5, -10, -5. Next was the first of the girls matches and these four girls were the top girls on the day.  Gracie quickly accounted for Joelle Bennett (357) 7, 10, 3 while Maliha needed four games to beat Jodie Morris (675) 7, 5, -2, 8 who she had lost to a month or so ago, so a very good win for her. Jaden won both his matches comfortably, both 3-0, against Fraser Kent (837) and Keigo while Ray did just enough to beat Owen 9, 9, 8. Maliha beat Joelle 8, 7, 8 but Gracie had to work really hard to overcome Jodie 9, -13, 7, 10. An unexpected score line win to put Essex two points ahead which could become welcome later on.


Surrey 2 were the new opponents who had lost all their matches in the first round of matches at Burgess Hill. It was only when writing this report that I noticed that Surrey had changed four of their team for higher ranked players. Jaden lost to Howard Onweng (801) 9, 9, 7 while on the other table Ray had lost the first game 11-4 to Ojasvii Borah (points not known) but came back strongly to win the next three games 8, 9, 9. Maliha beat Gabriela Lee 3-0 (points not known) but Gracie’s match with Yuvathi Kumar (points not known), the only Surrey player to play in the previous round of matches, went to a fifth game. In that last game Gracie trailed all the way until two consecutive points brought the score to 9-9. After Yuvathi called a time out Gracie had to save a match point but eventually won 10, -7, -9, 9, 11. Meanwhile on the other table Daniel lost to Nahom Goitom (874), the highest ranked boy om the day, 3-1 and then Ray beat Howard 3-1. Maliha’s 3, 7, 6 win over Yuvathi got the team at least a draw but alas the win could not be achieved, Gracie losing to Gabriela 7, 15, -12, 9, Jaden losing the fifth game to Nahom 11-7 and Daniel losing to Ojasvii 11, 13, 6.  With Sussex 1 beating Middlesex 1 6-4 Essex now only had a one point lead.


Dorset were a boy and girl player missing so Essex starting the match 4-0 up. Jaden and Maliha soon made that 6-0 with 3-0 wins over Nathan Carlton (345) and Sophie Storey (272) respectively. Daniel then lost to Jamie Blair (856), the second highest ranked boy on the day, 3-1 and Ray beat Nathan 3-1. Jaden then had to play Jamie. He won the first two games 12-10 but Jamie hit back winning the next two games 4 and 7. A good start in the final game and Jaden went on to win it 11-5, a good win. With Gracie a 3-0 win against Sophie a 9-1 win the result.


With Sussex 1 winning their match Essex needed a draw to win the Division on Sets difference. Their opponents were Sussex 2 who had won their matches 10-0, 9-1 and 8-2 and if they beat Essex Sussex 1 could win the Division by winning against a Norfolk team who had lost their three previously matches heavily.


Not a good start for Essex with both Ray and Daniel each losing 3-1 to Will Mitchell Jamar McGlashan (730) respectively. Along came the cavalry to the rescue with Maliha and Gracie two easy wins against Sasha




O’Halloran (241) and Sacha Ward. Jaden then lost to Martin Kapusta 3-0 but the match of the match was that between Jamar and Ray. Having lost the first two games 9, 6 Ray came back to win the next two games 10 and 9. Behind all the way in the decider Ray arrived 5-10 down. Clawing back those five match points and then another he finally won that game 13-11, a welcome win towards the draw that was needed. Maliha beat Sasha Ward 3, 4, 2 and Gracie won 3-1 against Sacha O’Halloran for the five points Essex wanted. Daniel lost to Martin after leading 2-1 but Jaden finished the day with an 8, 6, 6 win over Will. Essex were champions of the Division and could look forward to promotion to the Premier Division next season. Alas Gracie and Ray will be unable to play for the team as they will no longer Junior players next season. We wish them well in their Senior careers.


Including the one match on 12 October  Jaden Aulakh 7 wins out of 10 matches; Daniel Young 4 out of 9; Ray Yan 7 out of 9; Gracie Edwards 8 out of 9; Maliha Baig 9outof 9.



P          W         D         L          F          A          Pts

Essex 1                       7          6          1          0          59        11        13

Sussex 1                     7          6          0          1          49        21        12

Sussex 2                     7          4          0          3          44        26          8

Dorset 1                      7          3          2          2          30        36          8

Surrey 2                      7          3          1          5          44        26          7

Norfolk                                    7          2          0          5          26        44          4

Middlesex 1                 7          0          1          6          10        48         1

Middlesex 2                 7          0          1          6            6        52         1



Arthur C. Clark

Essex Junior Match Secretary


Essex Junior Closed 2017


The Essex Junior Closed was held at BATTS Harlow on Saturday 6 May 2017. At the Essex Committee Meeting on the evening before the Closing Date for Entries they agreed that the event would not proceed unless an agreed minimum number of Entries were received by the midnight Closing Date. Martyn Green came to the rescue when he delivered six entries to me at teatime next day. By midnight with 32 entries the event would proceed and with three last minute entries we finally had 45 entries on the day but three of these had withdrawn due to imminent exams.

The opening events were the Under 13 Boys and Under 15 Girls events. With a last minute addition there were two Groups of four and two of three. Top seeds Daniel Young (Clacton) and Akash Shah (Mossford) made their way to the final, beating Oliver Rampton (Colchester) 8, 7, 5 and Rio Teplizki (Chelmsford) -9, 9, 8, 9 respectively in the semi-finals. Earlier Jai Choudhari had beaten number 3 seed Toby Zeffie (Southend) in the Group but lost the quarter final to Rio 11, -12, 7, -5, 6. Daniel won the final -8, 7, 3, 6.


The Under 15 Girls event should have been a round robin of six but Sophie Deng withdrew the previous day. Olivia Jones (Southend) was the winner but there was a three way tie for second place. Countback determined that Ellena Hart (Southend) was second, Mia Charles (NETTS) was third and Zara Darcy Willis (NETTS) was fourth.


There were 7 Groups in the U15 Boys event. Second seed Jared Chelski (Colchester) was not feeling well and although he tried to play he had to withdraw part way through the first match in his Group. Top seed Jaden Aulakh (Mossford) did not drop a game on his way to the final and Diesel Harvey (BATTS) took advantage of Jared’s absence in the bottom half to reach the final having scraped through his quarter final with Daniel Young, 6, -6, 7, -9, 9. A shock in the final looked on the cards when Diesel won the first two games but Jaden came back to win -7, -5, 9, 4, 8. The other two semi Finalists were Andy Huang and Oliver Rampton (both Colchester).


The Under 13 Girls event was almost a repeat of the U15 event, Maliha Baig (Mossford) playing instead of Mia Charles, thus still five girls in the round robin. However Ella Doddington (Colchester) sustained an injury in her second match and had to withdraw. Nine year old Maliha was the winner with Olivia Jones the runner up and Ellena Hart third.


There were five Groups in the Under 18 Boys event and with Jared still unable to play late entrant Jack Stockdale took his place in the Group and as expected strolled through to the final. For Diesel Harvey it was a much tougher route to the final. In his Group he took five games to beat the seeded Harry Keys (Southend) and in the semi final another five to overcome Daniel Young 5, 9, -10, -5, 10. In the quarter final Daniel took five games to get past Oliver Rampton -9, 9, 6, -8, 8. With Jaz Harvey (BATTS) the only girl entering the U18 Girls event she played in this event and reached the KO stage with a five game win over Toby Deng (Colchester) but then lost in five, -7, 12, 9, -8, 7, to Connor Payne (Chelmsford). Jack won the final 8, -9, 4,6.


For the Under 11 Open event there were six entrants but overnight this increased to seven and increased to eight just before the start. I therefore changed the event from a round robin to two Groups of four, each group played on two tables. Both Group winners Maliha Baig and Toby Zeffie won their semi finals against Sam Taylor (BATTS) 7, 5, 9 and George Davis (Southend) 2, 3, 7, -10, 5 respectively and Maliha went on to win the final 5, 5, -11, -6, 8.


The last event of the day was the U18 Boys Restricted Singles, an event for those players who have never played for any of the Essex teams and no seeding. Five groups and in the top half of the draw Daniel Young reached another final, defeating Daniel Zeffie 5, 11, 9 in the semi. The bottom half of the draw turned out to be much tougher. Matthew Elliott (Brentwood) beat club mate Toby Kelly 11, -9, 6, 5 in the quarter final but then surrendered a 5-3 lead in his deciding game semi final with James Goddard to lose -10, 10, -8, 6, 6. In the quarters James had just managed to scrape past Harry Keys 7, 8, -9, 14 and went on to win the final -9, 6, 8, 5. I think a good day was enjoyed by all.


My thanks to Umpire John Jennings for his stalwart duties again and Alan Wood for obtaining such nice trophies and John Andrews, Ken Field, John Jennings and Sharon for presenting the trophies. Unlike last year when the actual trophies did not arrive in time to be presented on the day, at least the trophies had arrived (only just) and could be presented but not the inscribed plates. These will now be sent through the post so the winners and runners up so they can stick the plates to the trophies.

Arthur C. Clark
Essex Junior Match Secretary and Tournament Organiser.


Essex Closed – What a success

Ken Field and Jayne Johnson report on the Essex County Table Tennis Association 2016 Closed Championships held over the 27th_29th August 2016

After a gap of some 8 years, the ECTTA Annual Closed Championships for Seniors, Vets and U21s returned.  It was held at the Rayleigh Leisure Centre, in Rawreth, home of Southend’s Annual Closed Championships.

 A good Entry of 68 Players, combined to produce a very good Championships. Our thanks go to the Staff of the Rayleigh Leisure Centre for making us so welcome and always being on hand, should any problems arise. Thanks also to Jayne Johnson for producing the various Result and Match Sheets & for organising the Control Desk for the 3 days. Running the Desk for Saturday & Monday along with Jayne and Barrie Delf was Arthur Clark.  Jayne & Ken looked after the Desk on the Sunday which was the Vets O40’s day.  Our thanks to Anthon Ranjit-Singh for the helping setting up and taking down the Match Room and helping throughout the Tournament.  Finally a big thank you to all of the Players & their families who supported these Championships.

 On Saturday we enjoyed the Men’s, Ladies & Under 21 Events.

 In the Men’s Singles Semis, we saw two five setters, with both going to the wire. In the first, Tony Halling just edged out Lukasz Lewandowski -8, -6, 6, 4, 10, but not before he had a Match Point.  A similar story in the other Semi with Josh Dye just beating Ben Warner -7, 5, 9, -9, 6.  In the Final it again it went all the way with Josh just taking the Title from Tony –6, 8, 3, -9, 8.


In the Ladies Singles, we had a Round Robin, with Lin Roff, Gracie Edwards & Rebecca Lowman each winning two matches. In the count back the Title went to Lin who won 7 Sets, losing 3, with the Runner up position going to Gracie 7-4 and Rebecca 6-4.

The Men’s Doubles saw a good Final with Doubles specialists Gary Young & Glenn Johnson just losing out to Father and Son combination, Andrew and Tony Halling -9, 7, 5, -7, 3.


The Ladies Doubles was won by County Juniors Gracie Edwards & Rebecca Lowman, who beat Lin Roff & Tina Hutchinson 5, 5, 11.


The Mixed Doubles was also won by two of the County’s leading Juniors. Jack Stockdale and Gracie Edwards beating Norbert Fullerton & Lin Roff 8, 7, 6.

Next was the Under 21s, which saw Josh Dye repeat his victory in the Men’s Singles, beating County Junior, Sam Hume in the Final. He didn’t have it all his own way and a tight Final saw Josh just take the Title -5, 10, -5, 8, 6.

The final match on Saturday was the Level 2 Open Singles and this was won by John Cleasby, who beat Paul Pells 12, 8, -8, 7.

Day 2 of the Championships saw the Over 40s take centre stage and we enjoyed plenty of good matches.

In the Men’s Over 40s Singles, there were shocks as un-seeded Django Fung took the Title.  Django, who is more renowned as the Manager of Ronnie O’Sullivan and Judd Trump, turned his attention to Table Tennis.  In the top half of the draw, No. 1 Seed Rik James lost a close five setter to Mark Wicker, only for Mark to lose in the Semi-Final to No. 4 seed, Gary Young.  In the bottom half of the draw, there was an early shock when No. 3 seed Kevin Read, lost in straight sets to unseeded Django Fung.  Django then beat Southend Premier Player, Babul McLeod, again in straight sets.  The Final was a very tight match poised at two sets all and 9 all in the decisive fifth Set, before Django took the Title 9, -12, -5, 6, 9. This was the shock of Championships, great effort by Django.

Is this a Yellow Card moment!!

Is this a Yellow Card moment!!

The Ladies Over 40s Singles title went to Jan Fuller who beat Tina Hutchinson 9, 6, 7.  Both players have returned to our sport after many years out:  having both been leading juniors in the County.

The Over 40s Doubles was played as an Open Event. Favourites Mark Wicker and Paul Davison justified their Seeding and took the Title, beating Gary Young and Glenn Johnson 8, 8, 6.


Final Event of the day was the Level 2 Over 40s Open Singles, which saw Southend Premier Players Norbert Fullerton and Richard Brown face each other in the Final. It was a very good match with Norbert just edging it 5, 11, -3, 11.


On to Day 3 we enjoyed watching the Over 50s, Over 60s and Over 70s.

There were plenty of exciting tussles and it was a great demonstration of how Table Tennis is a sport for life. Each event was played as an Open event: with the Over 50s in Groups and the Over 60s and 70s as straight knockouts.

In the O50’s Alex Abbott and Rick James met in the Final and we enjoyed watching a close five setter, with Alex just beating his long term rival and friend Rik 9, -9, 9, -2, 6.

n the O60’s, after reaching both the Men’s and Over 40s Doubles Finals, but just losing out in each, Glenn Johnson went one better this time to take the Over 60s Title, beating Peter Cranmer in the Final 7, 8, 8.

In the O70’s Peter Cranmer made up for his disappointment in the Over 60s beating Bill Smith in the Final -6, 7, 4, 9. It was great to see these two stalwarts of our game still maintaining a high standard of play.

This concluded the 2016 Essex Closed Table Tennis Championships and several of us enjoyed a final beverage in the Canteen at the Rayleigh Leisure Centre, which had been a great meeting place the whole weekend. Throughout, the staff had been so helpful and accommodating. John Dennison of Topspin Sports arrived to collect the tables and equipment and those left helped load up the Van:  including the legendary Joe Kennedy who called in on Sunday.

There has been some good feedback about these Championships which will be fed back to the Essex Management Committee and it will be up to them to decide if this event can continue.  The running of this event has to receive funding from the County due to the cost of Venues and Equipment hire.  The funds of the County are a combination of our current Funds plus the Annual Team Fees of £9.00, paid by every Local League Team that plays in our County.  This means that every registered player in Essex contributed a small part towards the running of these Championships.  So our thanks go to every player, playing in the Local Leagues of the Essex County.

We enjoyed setting up these Championships and thank all of you in what ever way it was that helped make the return of these Championships such an enjoyable weekend.

Ken Field, Chairman & Jayne Johnson General Secretary
Essex County Table Tennis Association
Organisers of the 2016 Essex County Closed Championships

Tournament Play

Essex Closed

To all Players who play in the Essex Local Affiliated Leagues and Clubs (players must qualify to represent Essex).
 Essex County Table Tennis Association is running an Essex Closed Senior & Veterans Table Tennis Championships 
over the August Bank Holiday period of 27th, 28th & 29th August 2016.

To enter, simply respond by email:-

Stating which Events you wish to enter and fill in the relevant information. Return email to both &   

 You can download the attached Entry Form HERE (Excel Form) if you wish and return it to Ken Field, the address is shown on the Entry Form.

Closing Date for Entry is Friday, 29th July 2016 and Entries will be on a first come, first served basis, with a probable maximum of 120 players each day.

The Venue is the Rayleigh Leisure Centre, Priory Chase, Rawreth Lane, Essex, SS6 9NF. There is ample free Parking, nice clean Changing Rooms and a very pleasant large Cafe. There is a good playing area, where the Closed Championships of the Southend & District Table Tennis League have been held for the past 7 years, with an average Entry of 120 players.

Directions are:- A127 towards Southend. Leave at the A130 turnoff. Then take the A1245 towards Hullbridge & Rawreth. Turn right at the 2nd Junction, which is Rawreth Lane. The Venue is half a mile along Rawreth Lane on the right, immediately behind Asda

 Play will be over 10 Tables, supplied by Topspin Sports.

Play will be continuous from 9.00 am – 6 pm each day.

The Expected Playing Schedule is:-

Saturday 27th August:-

Men’s & Ladies Singles, Men’s & Ladies Doubles, Under 21 Men & Ladies Singles. Plus an Open Plate Event for those knocked out in their Groups, or Round 1, of the Men’s & Ladies Singles.

Sunday 28th August:-

Men’s Vets Over 40s Singles, Ladies Vets Over 40s Singles, Open Vets Over 40s Doubles and an Open Plate Event for those knocked out in their Groups, or Round 1, of the Vets Men’s & Vets Ladies Singles.

Monday 29th August:-

Open Over 50s Singles, Open Over 60s Singles and Open Over 70s Singles.

All matches will be played up to 11 points and best of 5 sets and all Events will be played in Groups of 3. The Plate Events will be played on a straight Knock out basis.

The Entry Fee for each Separate Event is £ 8.00 per Singles Event, £4.00 per person for Doubles Events, Plate Events free.

Trophies will be presented each day. Note, there will be no Table Tennis England Ranking points given for these Championships, nor Cash Prizes, the aim of this Event is to provide good Table Tennis, coupled with a good Social atmosphere, as a nice start to your 2016/7 Season in Essex.

Any player under the age of 18, on the 27th August 2016, wishing to enter the Closed Championships, must enter by Entry Form and their Entry Form must be signed by their Parent or Guardian and returned to Ken Field, address is on the Entry Form.

The Southend and District Table Tennis League is running this Event on behalf of the ECTTA and therefore BACS payments and Cheques should be made payable to the SDTTL Bank Account, with eventual Profit or Loss being passed on to the ECTTA.

Payment choice as follows:-

* Payment must be received by the Closing date of Entry of the 29th July 2016.

Payment, can be made either:-

a)      By BACS payment to the Bank Account of the Southend & District Table Tennis League

Sort Code 20-79-73
Account Number 60855529

b). Or by Cheque made payable to the Southend & District Table Tennis League and sent to Ken Field, 81 The Broadway, Thorpe Bay, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS1 3HQ

Any questions do email Jayne and/or myself.

This is the first time the ECTTA have run this Event since 2010 and it is an experiment to gauge whether it’s economical to run such an Event or not. We hope you’ll give this your full support. Even if you’re not playing, do pop in and see us.

The Dates were chosen because the Venue was available and there is nothing else going on in the Table Tennis England Calendar over that weekend, although at the very last minute, Table Tennis England have included British League Senior Division on the Saturday.

We fully realise that it’s a risky move running this Event over a National Bank Holiday period, but we are giving it our best shot and our President, Stuart Gibbs, recalls it once being run at Clacton, during the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, with a great turnout and atmosphere.

Looking forward to seeing plenty of you there.

Best wishes

Ken Field, Chairman & Jayne Johnson General Secretary
of the Essex County Table Tennis Association.



Arthur Clark reports:-

The Essex Junior Closed was held at BATTS Harlow on Saturday 7 May 2016. At the Closing Date there were 34 entries and with the acceptance of late entries (I knew four were coming) the final entry figure was 40 as against last year’s 57. Last year’s event was held in early January so the start of exams may have been significant this year. Groups of three players in most events and even with this we overran by just over half an hour although most of this occurred in the last event.

The opening event was the Under 13 Boys but with only one Girl entering her event she was transferred to the Boys event. There were four groups (eight last year) and all entrants turned up to play. One seed failed to win his Group, Toby Deng (Col) losing to Diesel Harvey (Har) 3-0. Toughest Group was Group 1 and William Bettley (NETTS) needed five games to beat James Goddard (Sou) and come back from 5-9 down in the decider with Alana Mansfield (Har) to win the last six points. Hot favourite Jaden Aulakh (Mossford) only dropped one game on his route to the final, this to Alana in the quarter final. For William it was tougher, youngest brother James took a game of him and he needed three deuce games (10, 12, 10) to get in the final at expense of Diesel. In the final Jaden won 4, 8, 9.


There were 8 Groups in the U15 Boys event, just one less than last year, with every entrant arriving. Only Reece Harris-Griffiths (Sou) failing to win his Group, losing to the improving Diesel Harvey. Top seed Joe Walker wasted no time in progressing to the final winning all his matches 3-0. In his half number 4 seed William Bettley reached the semi the hard way, coming back from 2-0 down to beat Reece and saving a match point in the fourth game of his quarter final with Connor Payne (Che). In the semi he lost 5, 10, 9 to Joe. In the bottom half number 3 seed Syed Hussain (Eastbury) struggled to cope with Diesel, eventually winning 11, 10, -11, -8, 5 and beat number 2 seed Casey Mansfield 9, -8, 11, 6 in the semi. In the final he lost to Joe 6, 9, 10.


For the U18 Boys event there were six Groups, one up on last season, top seed Sam Hume having to withdraw overnight due to illness. Thus with the new top two seeds in the bottom half amendments were made to put these two players in opposite halves. After his exhausting matches in the previous events William Bettley withdrew just before the start of the Groups. The remaining seeds all won their Groups with Jared Chelski beating Max Plumridge in Sam’s Group. All the KO matches went with the seedings, Joe Walker defeating Justin Jeffery 3-0 in the top half semi while Jack Stockdale (Rom) beat Casey Mansfield 3-0 in the bottom half semi. In the quarter Casey had gained revenge for his U15 defeat by Syed by winning 5, -9, 9, 5. In the final a close match was won by Joe 8, 9, 10.


At the same time the U11 event was played as a round robin with three entrants, Alexander Bettley winning both his matches 3-0 against Cody Prentice (Har) and James Bettley (NETTS) with Cody taking the runners up position with a 3-1 win over James.

The last event of the day, and the most competitive, was the U18 Boys Restricted Singles, an event for those players who have never played for any of the Essex teams and no seeding. Six groups of three, against seven last year, but with a withdrawal and a player non appearance Jaz Harvey (Har) found herself the winner of Group 6 without having to play. Matthew Stringer (Sou), George Campbell (Har), Max Plumridge (Bra), Jared Chelski (Col) and Matthew Laws (Bra) the other Group winners. In the top half of the draw Jared progressed to the semi-final with a 3-0 win over Jaz where he met Dan Wills, the runner up to Matthew Stringer in their group and who had defeated Matthew Laws 3-1 in the quarter final, and defeated him 10, -8, 4, 7. In the bottom half Matthew Stringer progressed to the semi-final with a Q/F win over Max and was then engaged in a marathon semi with George Campbell which he eventually won 9, -20, 10, -7, 7. The final was another marathon going the full distance, and finally won by Matthew 6, 9, -9, -3, 5.


I think a good day was enjoyed by all

My thanks to Umpire John Jennings for his stalwart duties and Alan Wood for obtaining such nice trophies and John Andrews for presenting the trophies. Unfortunately the actual trophies did not arrive in time to be presented on the day so a raid on Neil Brierley’s cabinet drawer provided a couple of unpresented trophies with Essex badges that were used for the presentations. I had hoped to post the trophies to the winners and runners up but they are so nice that I am wary that they could get damaged in the post so I will have to seek other ways to get the trophies to the winners.

Arthur C. Clark
Essex Junior Match Secretary and Tournament Organiser.

British League 11

Essex Trials


Because there are no weekends available in January in the TTE Calendar this season the Essex Committee have agreed that these Trials will be jointly the Essex Junior Closed Tournament as well. Unfortunately this means that it will not be possible to hold the restricted events.


Thus the Essex Committee are hoping to see most of the juniors, cadets, etc in the County taking part, not only for selection for the County’s County Championship teams but also for the County Closed event trophies and for invitations to the County’s various training days.


The one hiccup at the moment is that I cannot confirm  the weekend date. I am hoping that it will be the weekend of 12/13 September but until TTE confirm their venue requirements to Neil Brierley  neither of us know if we can have the BATTS venue for this weekend or if we have to look for another weekend (could be a problem with what is in the Calendar). Thus I am circulating the Entry Form now in view of the fact that we are approaching the Summer Holidays to enable you to contact your players to seek entries. Do not send me the Return Entry Forms until I have confirmed the dates in case any of your players are unable to play on any rearranged date but I hope to receive the Entry Forms by July 30.




Arthur C. Clark

Essex Junior Match Secretary




Tournament Play

Essex Senior Closed

Tournament Play

We are getting a few comments, all positive, about bringing the Essex Closed back. So we have bumped this to the front. Keep those comments coming.

There has not been a Essex Senior Closed for a few years now, but the County is receiving comments that it should be brought back to life. So over to the players in the county – What do you think.

Do you want the closed to return;

Would you play in it;

What time of year;

What events:

Would you like to help us organise the event.

Let us know your thoughts via the comments section.







The last BATTS One Star Junior Open Tournament of season 2014/15 was held at the home of BATTS Table Tennis Club, the Norman Booth Centre, Old Harlow on the 9/10 May. There was another large entry, 104 all told, down somewhat on the previous two years but did enable Consolation events to be held for those players who failed to finish in the top two or three places in their Groups to qualify for the main KO event but could compete in the KO Consolations. Sadly with only one girl entry for the U14 event (two other entries turned out to be boys) and two girl entries for the U16 event both these events had to be cancelled. Players entered from as far away as Dorset, Durham and Norfolk as well as four of the Greenhouse Centres.


Saturday morning started with the Under 14 Boys event, four Groups of six players. Only two of the four seeds won their Groups, both losing to the second seed in their Group. In the top half Dorset’s number 1 seed Kai Major progressed to the final, beating County colleague Alexander Malloch, the number 4 seed who had lost to Xudong Wang in his Group, -10, 7, 4, 9 and Surrey’s Group 3 winner Damien Gray 6, 8, 15 in the semi. In the bottom half number two seed Jaycee Chan (Mi) was taken to a deciding game in the quarter final by number 3 seed Syed Hussain (Syed had lost to Damien in his Group 11-9 in the deciding game after being 2-0 up) and Jaycee reached the final with a 14, 6, 8 win over Xudong. In the final Kai won 6, -8, 7, 6.SONY DSC

In the Consolation event Isaac Hughes (He) beat Kieran Stanley (E) in a tightly fought final 12, -11, 3, 12.


The afternoon saw the Boys Under 16 event. With one boy absent ill there were two groups of six players and two of five. Three of the top seeds won their Group and the shocks came in Group 3 where Norfolk’s Thomas Connelly accounted for the top two Group seeds, Kai Major and Syed Hussain, both 3-1. In the top half top seed Jack Stockdale proceeded to the final but had to come back from 2-1 down in his quarter final with County colleague Justin Jeffery to win -10, 3, -8, 5, 5 and then Kai in the semi after losing the first game. In the bottom half Thomas’s brother Michael lost to number two seed Fraser Donnelly 9, 7, -10, 9 in the quarter final and then Fraser had an even tougher match with Thomas to squeeze into the final 10, -5, 5, -9, 10. In the final Jack held his composure in the exciting fourth game to win 8, -7, 5, 11.SONY DSC

With a number of withdrawals in the Consolation event Umair Obaid (E) found himself propelled in to the final without having to play. In the bottom half it was a much tougher job to get to the final. Xudong Wang beat club colleague Shazaib Rehman 3-1 and Jamie Glatzel (Do) had to come back from 2-0 down to win the next three close games against Arron Fox (Mi) in their quarter final and it took another five games with Xudong to reach the final. After his long wait Umair won the final 4, 9, 10. It is interesting to note that both players finished bottom of their respective Groups.


Sunday morning’s U13 events attracted 38 boys and 12 girls entries. Six Groups of five and two Groups of four were planned for the boys but as three players withdrew ill the two extra players that one of the Greenhouse Schools brought with them and a player whose E-mail entry I had not received could be accommodated. The top seeds in the Groups of five all won their Group but the top seeds in the two Groups of four both finished as runners up. Top seed Jaycee Chan (Mi) reached the final with a 3-1 win over Felix Thomis (Bk) but his toughest match was the second round 13, -8, 2, 10 win over Jared Chelski (E). Felix had earlier defeated number three seed Bruce Yao (He) and fourth seed Jordan Aulakh (E) lost to Shaun Douglas-Small 3-2, both matches in Round 2. The two players who failed to win their Groups met in the bottom half semi final, Dane Major (Do) had beaten Shaun 5, -12, -13, 9, 8 and Ray Yan (E) had beaten Harry Boston (Ca), the number two seed, 4, 7, 1 in their respective quarter finals. Ray came out on top with a 9, -9, 5, 8 win over Dane and went on to win the final 9, -7, 5, -10, 4 against Jaycee.SONY DSC

In the Consolation event both semi finals were nail biting five game matches. The top half match matched Essex players Jacob Ling and Luca Bailey which Jacob came back form 2-0 down to win -7, -5, 9, 12, 9 whilst Shikhor Pandey (Mi) won an even closed match with Harry Gill (Sk) -11, 10, 7, -9, 10. In the final Jacob won -8, 5, 6, 7.


For the girls two Groups of six had been planned but with the Greenhouse School bringing an extra girl with them it was just possible for me to increase one Group to seven players to accommodate her. In Group 2 top seed Federica Bonata (Sy) had a tough time in her opening match with Natalia Ianau (Mi) winning 11-8 in the deciding game but after that it was plain sailing to win the Group. Chloe Pryke (Ca) had two of her matches go to deciders with Isobel McGerty (Sk) and Erin Greensmith (Du) winning 11-9 and 11-8 respectively to finish third in the Group behind Natalia. In Group 1 number 2 seed Patricia Ianau won the Group with Ilyssa Lacorte coming runner up after her 11-7, 15-13, 13-11 win over Lucia Shakespeare. In the semi finals Ilyssa beat Federica 5, 8, 4 and Patricia beat sister Natalia 7, 11, -7, -3, 8. Patricia won the final 5, 7, 4.SONY DSC

The Consolation final was between Samardhi Udamulla (Mi) and Erin Greensmith which Samadhi won 8, 9, 9.


Sunday afternoon was the U15 boys and girls events and the U11 Open. Five Groups of five for the boys with the five top seeds all winning their Groups although Joe Walker (E) needed countback over Ignitious Kalulu to win his Group. The top four reached the semi’s where Eren Gozcu (Mi) beat Kyle Murphy (Mi) 10, 7, 6 and Kai Major (Do) beat Fraser Donnelly -10, 9, 5, 8. Eren won the final 5, 1, 6.SONY DSC

The Consolation final was between two Essex players where Matthew Stringer beat Luca Bailey (who had finished bottom in his Group) 8, 6, 6.


The U15 Girls event was a round robin of seven players which Patricia Ianau won by winning all her matches. For the Runners Up position there was a three way tie which on countback was won by Natalia Ianau curtesy of the two games she took off Holly McGerty (Sk) who finished fourth with Federica Bonata finishing third.


The U11 event was scheduled for two Groups of five players. However one group was extended to six when the player turned up to play and his E-mail Entry had not been received (it transpired an incorrect E-mail address had been used). Thus seven boys and four girls competed. Felix Thomis (Bk), the number two seed, was the winner of Group 1 with Kamran Bastani (Ca) the runner up whilst in Group 2 top seed Harry Boston(Ca) won the Group without dropping a game. Luke Manning (Bd) was the Runner Up. Luke won his semi with Felix 7, 10, -6, 5 and Harry beat Kamran 8, 6, 7. In the final Harry dropped his only game in winning 9, -11, 3, 10.SONY DSC SONY DSC

In the Consolation semi’s James Hamblett (He) beat Sam Gill (Sk) 8, 8, 4 whilst in the other semi between Suffolk colleagues Isobel McGerty had beaten Henry Shaw 4, -9, -9, 5, 8 and she went on to beat James 11, -10, 5, 6 in the final.


Another enjoyable weekend for all the players and a hectic two days for me. The Consolation events also show that even if they finish last in their Group matches they can still gain the experience of getting to a final and gaining a trophy.


Arthur C. Clark

Essex Junior Match Secretary

Member of the BATTS Organising Committee.