The Essex County Table Tennis Association was formed in 1938 to promote the sport of Table Tennis in the county.

We are affiliated to Table Tennis England and our purpose is to:-

  • act as the controlling and governing body of the sport of Table Tennis in Essex;
  • assist and encourage the formation of Table Tennis Leagues and clubs in Essex;
  • promote the sport in every possible way.

Essex has thirteen table tennis leagues, eighty-six table tennis clubs, and well over a thousand league table tennis players. Table tennis is a fantastic sport because it it is relatively inexpensive, fun and excellent for general fitness. It is a sport that people can start at five years old and carry on into their nineties! In that time, you’ll find the sport continually evolving but that feeling of hitting a crisp forehand loop-drive past your opponent will always feel amazing 🙂

These webpages are designed to inform new players where they might play (leagues & clubs), showcase our young talent (juniors & cadets), provide updates through our county table tennis news service, and to set out all the many coaching and competitive play oppotunities in the county and further afield.

The officers of E.C.T.T.A. are given on our officers page – do please feel free to email any of us if you require any help or advice about table tennis in Essex. We will be very glad to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. I know you are busy but could publish the latest Essex Rankings List after the trials which took place at the end of October.

  2. This is a message for Stuart Gibbs.

    Stuart: It is a long time since we met and played together and I trust you are well. I have just read your obituary about Bobby Stevens. I’d echo everything you said. he was not only a great table tennis player but also one of the kindest people in the game that I met.
    Happy to respond if you want to get in touch.
    Eric Walsby

  3. Hi have not seen any news yet on the last round of the Regional Junior County TT which took place recently

  4. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for your feedback. You highlight very good performances from our young up and coming players. Essex County is happy to publish any good news stories it receives on players, clubs, coaches from all parts of the county but it does need to receive reports from enthusiastic people such as yourself to be able to report these achievements. If you are able to provide a little more detail on the event we will publish. The county is currently looking to recruit a press and publicity officer to liaise across the county with leagues, clubs to make the site more active and reflective of all Table Tennis across the county.

    Once again thanks for your comment.

  5. Much as I appreciate BATTS and past Essex players but I doubt there will be any coverage of successes of our young Essex players in Horsham 2* tournament. In the U16, Zoe Davis and Rebecca Lowman came 2nd and 4th, respectfully and Liam Squirrell won the plates. They are all from Essex. Tim

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