Life Members

Life Members   Late Life Members
Appointed Remembering with appreciation the contribution of Late Life Members
J C Andrews 2007 J Anker 1998
P Anker 1998 Dennis Arr
D Bowles 2014 W J Bailey 1984
N Brierley 2008 F H Bateman
P L Bunton S G Beard 1971
Mrs S Carroll 2014 Brian Brumwell 1971
A C Clark 2013 J H Carrington
Peter Cranmer 2016 L Darnell 1991
K Field 2014 G W Denton 1983
R Fosker 1996 P Dukes 1973
S R Gibbs 1993 G J Eagle
Mrs S Gower 2001 R Franklin 1987
B Granger 1996 R C Gingell 1973
Miss S Hessian 1977 Rev SA Goose
Mrs S Howe 2007 P Gower 1999
J Harris 2007 R Gore 1982
S Kerns 2008 L Hoffman BEM 1982
Ted Knights 2016 Mrs P Lauder 1974
J Johnson 2013 J A Leach MBE
F Lockwood 2009 R Markwell
Mrs L Radford 1993 W G Moon 1984
P. Radford 2014 A C Murphy
R C Roffe 1982 H D Olley
Colin Sherrin 2016 W Read 1983
Mrs G. Squier 1982 S C Robinson
Mrs F Wayland 1989 P J Roden 1984
G Wenham Mrs V Roffe 1985
D I Whiteside 1979 B R Rowlen 1993
A Shepherd 1982
R C Stevens 1973
G E Thyeson 1984
E Todd 2002
N Underdown
W. Wadling 1995
H Walker
M D Watts 1975

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