The Corti Woodcock Memorial Award

The Corti Woodcock Memorial Award.

Corti Woodcock was 5’ 1” in height but was a giant among the pioneers of the sport of Table Tennis. He was instrumental in promoting and organising the game locally and internationally. The West Essex League, Essex County TTA, The ETTA and the ITTF all owe their first faltering steps to his drive and vision. He was a winner and a leader. Corti died in 1958. To honour his life and perpetuate his memory the County set up a board of Trustees to administer an award given annually in recognition of services to Table Tennis in Essex. It is a unique award in as much it cannot be won, it can only be earned. During February of each year the General Secretary invites nominations from Leagues, nominations can also be made by any two individuals affiliated to the County. These together with nominations from the previous year are discussed by the board in April.

The West Essex League has a Corti Woodcock Cup.

The Saint Bride Vase originally presented by C. Corti-Woodcock of the Saint Bride Club in London in 1929 is presented to the Men’s winner of the world championship.

Corti Woodcock Memorial Award
Previous Winners
Year Winner Year Winner
1959 H Walker 1991 E Knight
1960 H Bateman 1992 L Barton
1961 Rev S A Goose 1993 R Pack
1962 G Eagle 1994 P D Gower
1963 R Langer 1995 A C Clark
1964 L Hoffman 1996 Mrs S Gower
1965 R J Stevens 1997 Mrs S Green
1966 D Frost 1998 Mrs S Rowlen
1967 D Dunand 1999 J C Andrews
1968 W Wadling 2000 E Todd
1969 G Eagle 2001 B Sladden
1970 P Dukes 2002 Mrs M Jarvis
1971 M D Watts 2003 S Kerns
1972 R C Gingell 2004 Mrs J Johnson
1973 E Pritchard 2005 R Fosker
1974 A Shepherd 2006 N Brierley
1975 R Gore 2007 J Holland
1976 G R Newman 2008 D Jones
1977 G J Lightfoot 2009 E Reynolds
1978 Mrs P Lauder 2010 L Hopkins
1979 R C Roffe 2011 K Field
1980 P J Roden 2012 K Mays
1981 P J Grimstead 2013 P Morris
1982 Mrs V Roffe 2014 L Sandford
1983 C R Oakman 2015 Colin Sherrin
1984 Mrs G M Squier 2016  Norman Smith
1985 W G Moon 2017 Paul Davison
1986 B R Rowlen 2018  Bill Smith
1987 B Granger 2019  David Gatheral
1988 R Franklin 2020  Steve Barker
1989 W Read
1990 Mr & Mrs B Moon

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