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Essex Senior Closed

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We are getting a few comments, all positive, about bringing the Essex Closed back. So we have bumped this to the front. Keep those comments coming.

There has not been a Essex Senior Closed for a few years now, but the County is receiving comments that it should be brought back to life. So over to the players in the county – What do you think.

Do you want the closed to return;

Would you play in it;

What time of year;

What events:

Would you like to help us organise the event.

Let us know your thoughts via the comments section.

8 thoughts on “Essex Senior Closed”

  1. This event was indeed a popular event over many years. In the 2000s the participation levels began to decline. But the actual reason why it was dropped in 2009 was that the County was no longer able to obtain a venue at a sensible cost against the envisaged support. Knowing that a probable loss of £1-2,000 was likely to occur the County contacted all Essex Local Leagues and explained the position to them and asked whether they wanted to continue with the Essex Closed; both Junior and Senior. The clear response was to continue with the Junior and drop the Senior: which we did: being mentioned that at the time, the Counties better Seniors were no longer supporting the Event as there were no ranking points.

    The Leagues in the East of the County: Basildon, Burnham, Chelmsford, Clacton, Colchester and Southend all have well supported Closed Championships during January – April and because these days the Local League players play in multi leagues, it is unlikely that a further event for the Seniors would get a good attendance during that period, so I would agree with some of the earlier comments that September would be the best time to run it.

    Southend had support from 140 of its members this year; the event was held on 11 Tables over 2.5 days. Topspin delivered all of the equipment. The cost to run this Event was £2,500. Therefore to run an Essex Closed the only viable option would seem to be BATTS.

    Due to the usage of the BATTS Venue by Table Tennis England and the events held there for Junior 1 Star Events and various events that BATTS Run themselves, it has become very difficult for Arthur Clark, our County Junior Officer, to find a date for the Essex Junior Closed there next Season: so to find a date for a Senior Closed at BATTS in September – December looks bleak. The County have had amazing support from Neil Brierly and his colleagues at BATTS over the past 6 years and at present, any other suitable venue at present seems to be looking at a sizeable potential loss.

    The County Funds are in the region of £8,000 and last season we contributed a good amount of our funds in aiding 12 of our members to take the UKCC Level 1 Coaching Course at Hullbridge and are looking to continue doing this and funding where able our Junior Coaching under the guidance of Stuart Gibbs.

    The subject of ressurecting the Essex Senior Closed is on the Agenda of our next County Meeting on the 16th July.

    Paul Collier Essex Senior Match Secretary raised this at our last Essex Meeting.

    To hold this event this coming September has to take the risk that it will receive support that will not cover the outlay unless it is held at BATTS. As there are at present no free dates in September at BATTS, then it is likely that if we did hold it, we will run at a loss: this is ok if that is felt an acceptable usage of our funds.

    I will report back on this Chat Line after our Meeting.

    My apologies if there are a few spelling mistakes as the iPhone is a small screen to add my thoughts.

    Hoping you are all enjoying your Summer,

    Ken Field
    Chairman of Essex and Southend

  2. Never got to play in any Essex closed , would love to beat Spero in it , if it came back.
    Would be amazing for the juniors development too , getting to play the best players in Essex

  3. I agree that the Essex Closed should be bought back. With so many tournaments I think the best timing for it would be mid september, when people have high enthusiasm at the start of the season. It would be great to see the Grand Prix format used so include the Vetts and under 21′s categories alongside the mens tournament.

  4. I don’t live in Essex anymore but couldn’t believe when I heard there was no longer a closed tournament! One of the competitions I always looked forward to playing when I was a junior and im sure many others would say the same! Must be revived!!!

  5. Well, firstly I didn’t realise there was no closed event as I’ve been away from competition events for some years but surely a county of our size should run one. Early in the season would be a good timing in my opinion. Promote it to the leagues and see the response, not everybody surfs the net for information. Get league reps to sound out league management committees.

  6. Hasn’t been an Essex Closed for years, it always was the tournament I looked forward to and finally had the pleasure to win The last time it was held. (Didn’t even get a trophy!!)
    There are many players who would still play in it and would be good for the juniors to show what they can do on the Senior Circuit. BRING IT BACK!!!

  7. Yes start of season would be best has it would be a good practice event for the coming season turnout will be better than at the end of the season when players need a break would play every year !

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