Stu steps into the limelight

Stu Wilkinson has been a regular in the Leopards’ side in
Division Three of the Clacton League since he joined the
Nomads club ten years ago, and he’s developed into a reliable
seventy per cent player at this level without ever hitting the
But the often under-rated Wilkinson stepped into the limelight
this week as Nomads Leopards’ unlikely hero in their encounter
with Windsor Magpies, putting in a notable unbeaten
performance. Playing without their number one Dominic Joannou,
the Leopards did well to record a 6-4 victory, Wilkinson taking a
fine maximum.
He picked up impressive singles wins over John Plummer, Alan
Rutledge and Dave Sweetland, and shared an important doubles
victory with Bob Jillins 11-7, 9-11, 10-12, 11-8, 11-9 against
Plummer and Sweetland. Jillins won two for the Leopards but was
denied his own hat-trick by Sweetland who edged their match 11-
8 in the fifth.
The Magpies had a second tough match, this against Brotherhood
E. Four matches went the distance, each side winning two of
them, but Brotherhood came out on top 7-3. Fred Gallone won
three, Tricia Salter two and Tony Edmonds one. Gallone’s
maximum included an 11-8 in the fifth win over Dave Sweetland,
the same score by which Salter defeated Alan Rutledge. For the
Magpies, Sweetland won two and Rutledge one, both players
edging out Edmonds by the same 11-7 in the fifth score.
Brotherhood E also played twice this week and they followed up
their success against the Magpies with an 8-2 win against
Nomads Bobcats. Duncan Dunne and Fred Gallone took maximum
points, with Rodney Betts defeating Alex Baldock 11-5 in the fifth
for a point. Jack Riddleston and Matt Sage, with a debut League
win, took the Bobcats’ points.
Walton E overcame Nomads Lynx 8-2, with Lynette Sparks

unbeaten, and Maggie Earle and Adrian Sexton winning a pair
apiece. Ian Gwillim took the Nomads’ points with two close wins,
11-7 in the fifth against Earle and 11-4 in the fifth against
Sexton, whilst Gerry Widnell narrowly failed to get on the score
sheet, going down to Sexton 11-2 in the deciding set.
Finally in Division Three, Windsor Harriers defeated Nomads
Ocelots 10-0, none of the matches extended beyond a third set.
Jenny Higgins, a late call-up for the Harriers, recorded hat-tricks
in successive weeks for the first time in seventeen years.
In Division One trebles for James Denyer and John Hatley, and a
couple from Gill Locke, saw Nomads Panthers home 9-1 against
Walton B. The only match which went the distance was Locke’s
11-4 in the decider win against Graham Buxton. Gavin Price took
the Walton point.
Three for Daniel Young, two for Andy Vincent and a crucial 12-10
in the fifth win for John Barton against Russell Hillier gave
Windsor Hawks the edge 6-4 against Brotherhood A. Gary Young
won two and Kevin Gowlett one for Brotherhood. Highlight of the
match was the final encounter of the evening where son Daniel
earned the bragging rights over Dad Gary with a 14-12, 11-9, 7-
11, 11-6 victory.
For a second week running, Walton A lost 9-1 to a Windsor side –
last week it was the Hawks, this week the Eagles. Mel Rampton,
Phil Smith and, making a rare appearance for the Eagles, Gary
Cattermole all stayed undefeated. Walton’s point came from a
five-set doubles win for Colin Dearman and David Binns over
Smith and Cattermole.
In Division Two Brotherhood D extended their lead at the top
with another convincing performance, defeating Windsor Penguins
9-1, Simon Smith-Daye and Sam Plummer unbeaten. James
Smith-Daye’s two wins for Brotherhood were both five-setters,
11-6 in the decider against Sharon Gowlett and 11-8 in the
decider against Annabelle Stallwood. But he couldn’t get the
better of Scott Campbell who took the Penguins’ consolation
Brotherhood B were predictable 10-0 winners against Windsor
Kestrels. John Owen returned to League action with an
undefeated three, whilst there were trebles also for Barry Allen,
his first wins of the season, and Paul Alden. Debra Found was the
Kestrels’ best player, narrowly going down 11-6 in the fifth to
Allen and 11-9 in the fifth to Owen.

Finally, Walton D were 6-4 winners against Brotherhood C, Andy
Foster winning three and Clive Allenby two. Walton’s Paul
Woolnough will consider himself the unluckiest player of the
week, if not the season, losing three tight five-setters – 11-5 in
the decider to John Gallagher, 11-7 in the decider to Paul Metcalf
and 11-9 in the decider to Mark Beckham. Brotherhood’s fourth
point, and Gallagher’s second win of the evening, also came from
a match which went the distance, Gallagher enjoying an
unexpected win 11-5 in the fifth over Allenby.

  • Members of the League will be saddened to learn of the death
    this week of its most senior Vice-President, Brian Baines. As a
    player, supporter and official, Brian had been associated with the
    League for over seventy years. A full appreciation of Brian’s
    contribution to the League will follow in due course.

    Division 1
    Walton A 1 Windsor Eagles 9;
    Nomads Lions 9 Windsor Buzzards 1;
    Walton B 1 Nomads Panthers 9;
    Brotherhood A 4 Windsor Hawks 6.
    Division 2
    Brotherhood C 4 Walton D 6;
    Windsor Penguins 1 Brotherhood D 9;
    Windsor Kestrels 0 Brotherhood B 10.
    Division 3
    Nomads Bobcats 2 Brotherhood E 8;
    Windsor Magpies 3 Brotherhood E 7;
    Nomads Leopards 6 Windsor Magpies 4;
    Nomads Ocelots 0 Windsor Harriers 10;
    Walton E 8 Nomads Lynx 2.