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The first rounds of County Cadet Division 1A matches were played on Saturday 30 November 2019 with three rounds of matches to be played. To reduce traveling distances this first round was split in to two halves, the eastern half Essex, Middlesex 1, Middlesex 2 and Suffolk to play one another at NETTS, Earls Colne whilst the southern half of the Division, Buckinghamshire 1, Surrey 2 and Sussex 1 played one another at the Graham Spicer Centre, New Malden, Surrey.  All matches were played on two tables.


Cadet Rankings are shown in red. The Essex Team was Ralph Pattison (744), Liam Harris (391), Toby Zeffie (280), Maliha Baig (877) and Mabel Shute (292). Oliver Rampton had originally been selected but then withdrew for another commitment.


In their first match the team had Middlesex 1 to play who were the team likely to be one of the front runners. The opening match was a cracker with Ralph and Jenson Moreno (699) closely matched. Ralph took the first game 11-5 but Jenson took the next two games 8 and 10.  A tight fourth game went narrowly to Ralph 11-9 so all to play for in the decider. Narrowly behind at the change round Ralph just could not pull the deficit back and lost 9-11. On the other table Toby lost to Charlie Nabarro (612) 3-1.  Next on the table was Mabel in her first match for the County, a big initiation as she had to play the highest ranked girl in the room, Scarlett Anders (954). A slightly nervous start but came back to win five consecutive points and the first game 11-9. Scarlett upped her game to win the next two easily but Mabel had a couple of chances to take the match to a decider, finally losing that fourth game 13-11. For Maliha her match against Tianer Yu (not ranked) was one she will wish to forget quickly losing 3-0. For Liam a marathon match against Toby Crawcour (815) on his first match for the County. Taking the first two games narrowly 14-12 and 11-9 he lost the next two 7 and 5. The decider was a nail biting game which Liam finally won 11-9, a great start for his County debut. Toby then lost 3-0 to Jenson and Mabel 7, 6, 12 to Tianer. Ralph’s match with Toby was identical to the Liam/Toby match. Win the first two games, lose the next two and win the fifth. For Maliha she now had to play Scarlett. Could she win and recover some of the ranking points she had lost in the earlier match. Yes she could – with both players looking for supremacy Maliha eventually won the first game 16-14 and then lost the second 9-11. No stopping Maliha now and she roared through the next two games 5 and 3 to win that match. Liam was back on the table against Charlie for the final match. A close match and another win after losing the first game, -8, 5, 9,10. A 4-6 loss and a great effort to win the last three matches.


The Essex Team now had to play neighbours Suffolk. Liam and Toby both lost 3-0 to Isaac Kingham (542) and Joseph Fortnam-Adams (499) respectively. Maliha and Mabel quickly made the score 2-2 with 3-0 wins over Aiva Tendengu (9) and Ruby Williams (112). Ralph seems to delight in five game matches and he was involved in another two here. Firstly against Henry Shaw (591) winning 11-9 in the final game and later on 11-7 in his match with Joseph. Toby took a game off Isaac and Maliha and Mabel both won their remaining girls matches 3-0. In the final match Liam lost 3-0 to Henry but still a Team win 6-4.


The final match was against Middlesex 2. Ralph played Brandon Sangchin (540) and yet again another five game match. Winning the first two games 10 and 7 the third was a disaster and the last two games were lost 9 and 7. On the other table Toby won his first match of the day, a 9, -5, 5, 5 win over Joel Osaghai (571). Mabel lost a close match to Mia Lakhani (232) 6, 12, -6, 9, letting a 9-6 lead slip away in the fourth game while Maliha winning 3-0 against Halle Toulon (161). Liam lost 9, 8, 8 to Ben Barbarash (602) and Toby 3-0 to Brandon. Mabel and Maliha both won their final matches, Maliha 3-0 over Mia and Mabel the closest match of the day, 10, -11, 13, 11. Ralph finally decided it was time not to have to play five games in a match so he beat Ben in four, -10, 12, 4, 8.  Liam rounded off the day with a 7, 8, 9 win over Joel. By winning the last four matches a potential defeat was converted into a 6-4 win.


A good day all round and the debutants, Liam, Toby and Mabel all won matches. A date and venue for the final round of matches is yet to be finalised.


Ralph 4 out of 6, Liam 3 out of 6, Toby 1 out of 7, Maliha 5 out of 6, Mabel 3 out of 6.




P          W         D          L          F          A          Pts

Middlesex 1                  3          3          0          0          21           9        6

Essex                           3          2          0          1          16         14         4

Surrey 2                        2          2          0          0          15           5        4

Buckinghamshire 1        2          1          0          1          11           9        2

Suffolk                         3          0          1          2          12         18         1

Middlesex 2                  3          0          1          2          11         19         1

Sussex 1                      2          0          0          2            4        16         0


Arthur C. Clark

Essex Junior Match Secretary and Cadet Division 1A Organiser.