All 6 county vets teams have now finished the season. 

Pride of place goes to the O60 team who held on to their national title. Extraordinary achievement when you think the team lost to Kent first half and recovered second half with Shirley Carroll standing in for Marjorie Dawson who was in Australia. The men were Stuart Gibbs, Peter Radford and Dave Bowles and the team actually finished tie top with Kent on 9 points and an identical set average of 41 -19. Essex won on game average of 144-86 to Kent’s 137-86.  

Closely following this was the achievement of Essex O40 first team in retaining their premier status. It was something of a Houdini act  with a win over Northants and a magnificent  draw with Yorkshire all we had to show for the season. Amazingly the 3 points kept us above Surrey and Northants and the team of Mark Wicker, Clive Carthy, Tony West and Julie Vansertima can feel very proud. This was Tony’s debut season and wins over the likes of Chris Rogers and Richard Lightowler proved he is worthy of his place.  

Sadly Essex 2 were riddled with injury and the team led by John Monk played without a lady in the first half. They lost all 7 matches and are relegated from 1A.   Essex 3 led by Reuben Okai narrowly missed promotion from 3C finishing as runners up. Essex 4 captained by Dave Bowles finished sixth in 3B . The O60s second team captained by Shirley Carroll finished 

Neil Brierley

Vets match secretary