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The final rounds of County Cadet Division 1A matches were played on Sunday 31 March 2019 at the BATTS Norman Booth Centre at Old Harlow. The first rounds of matches were played at Graham Spicer New Malden, Surrey and NETTS Earls Colne respectively,  with Surrey 1 and Middlesex 1 the leaders of the matches played at each venue after those first rounds of matches. Essex were fourth in the Table and equal on points with Suffolk. The Essex Team was Daniel Young (570), Ollie Rampton (571), Ralph Pattison (761), Maliha Baig (758) and Olivia Jones (96). The figures in brackets are the current Cadet TTE ranking points for the players.

In the first round of matches the Essex team played Sussex 2 who were bottom of the Table. The Essex players won the first four matches all 3-0 and for the fifth match it took Ollie four games against Max Wilson (461) to win his match. The remaining five matches were all won by Essex and only Olivia needed a fourth game to win her match with the higher ranked Georgina Hunter (185). A good warm up with the match against Surrey 1, who had just beaten Middlesex 1 6-4 to now lead the Division, their next opponents.

Essex lost the first two matches, Ollie to Ojasvii Borah (628) 3-0 and Ralph to Henry Maric-Murray (976) 3-1. Maliha quickly defeated Naziyah Hasan (238) 3-0 while Olivia was taken to a deciding game by Evelyn Pace after winning the first two. Time outs at the end of the game deciding the match, Olivia 10-7 up but losing 14-12. Daniel then played the top seed of all the boys playing on the day, Ollie Maric-Murray (1190), and he must have been thrilled with the result, a great 13-11, 11-5, 13-11 win. For Ralph a 3-0 loss to Ojasvii. Maliha then beat the unranked Evelyn 9, 8, 5 while on the other table Olivia was in another five game match, this time with Naziyah. Winning the first and fourth games she lost the second game 7-11 and third game 13-15 despite a couple of chances to win it. In the final game a two point advantage at the change round could not be maintained and she lost 11-7. In the final two boys matches Daniel lost 3-1 to Henry and the match between the two Ollie’s went to Surrey 11-3 in the decider. A 7-3 defeat which with a bit of luck could have been a draw.

In the final round for the Essex Team, for all the other teams they had another round to play after this one, they had Surrey 2 to play. Daniel beat Adam Palmer (566) 3-0 while on the other table Ralph was in a tough match with Jacob Archer (553), eventually winning 7-11, 12-10, 9-11, 12-10 11-8. Olivia was involved in get another five game match, this time against Emily Cheung who was ranked 220 points above her. This time she won her marathon match 11-8, 6-11, 5-11, 13-11, 11-8 winning the last three points in that final game. Another win for Maliha, 3-0 against Caron Charles and she followed that up with a demolition job against Emily 3, 5, 8. Not the best of days for Ollie as he struggled against both Francesco Bonato (710) and Jacob, losing both matches 3-1. For Daniel another good win, this time over Francesco 4, 9, 10 to give the Team an 8-2 win.

It was only after the final round of matches had been played did the Essex Team know that they had finished in third place by count back on games won and lost over Suffolk after the Suffolk team lost 7-3 to the Division winners Surrey 1 with Middlesex 1 the Runners Up. A good performance by the Essex team. For Maliha she only lost one match over the two days of play and that to the unbeaten Middlesex 1 player Scarlett Anders (1010) in the first round of matches at Earls Colne.


SURREY 1 6 6 0 0 67 151 14 46
MIDDLESEX 1 6 5 0 1 73 138 16 43
ESSEX 6 3 1 2 90 128 25 35
SUFFOLK 6 3 1 2 101 120 25 35
SURREY 2 6 1 1 4 134 87 39 21
MIDDLESEX 2 6 1 1 4 127 84 38 21
SUSSEX 2 6 0 0 6 159 43 52 8

Arthur C. Clark
Essex Junior Match Secretary and Cadet Division 1A Organiser.


Essex Junior Closed 2017


The Essex Junior Closed was held at BATTS Harlow on Saturday 6 May 2017. At the Essex Committee Meeting on the evening before the Closing Date for Entries they agreed that the event would not proceed unless an agreed minimum number of Entries were received by the midnight Closing Date. Martyn Green came to the rescue when he delivered six entries to me at teatime next day. By midnight with 32 entries the event would proceed and with three last minute entries we finally had 45 entries on the day but three of these had withdrawn due to imminent exams.

The opening events were the Under 13 Boys and Under 15 Girls events. With a last minute addition there were two Groups of four and two of three. Top seeds Daniel Young (Clacton) and Akash Shah (Mossford) made their way to the final, beating Oliver Rampton (Colchester) 8, 7, 5 and Rio Teplizki (Chelmsford) -9, 9, 8, 9 respectively in the semi-finals. Earlier Jai Choudhari had beaten number 3 seed Toby Zeffie (Southend) in the Group but lost the quarter final to Rio 11, -12, 7, -5, 6. Daniel won the final -8, 7, 3, 6.


The Under 15 Girls event should have been a round robin of six but Sophie Deng withdrew the previous day. Olivia Jones (Southend) was the winner but there was a three way tie for second place. Countback determined that Ellena Hart (Southend) was second, Mia Charles (NETTS) was third and Zara Darcy Willis (NETTS) was fourth.


There were 7 Groups in the U15 Boys event. Second seed Jared Chelski (Colchester) was not feeling well and although he tried to play he had to withdraw part way through the first match in his Group. Top seed Jaden Aulakh (Mossford) did not drop a game on his way to the final and Diesel Harvey (BATTS) took advantage of Jared’s absence in the bottom half to reach the final having scraped through his quarter final with Daniel Young, 6, -6, 7, -9, 9. A shock in the final looked on the cards when Diesel won the first two games but Jaden came back to win -7, -5, 9, 4, 8. The other two semi Finalists were Andy Huang and Oliver Rampton (both Colchester).


The Under 13 Girls event was almost a repeat of the U15 event, Maliha Baig (Mossford) playing instead of Mia Charles, thus still five girls in the round robin. However Ella Doddington (Colchester) sustained an injury in her second match and had to withdraw. Nine year old Maliha was the winner with Olivia Jones the runner up and Ellena Hart third.


There were five Groups in the Under 18 Boys event and with Jared still unable to play late entrant Jack Stockdale took his place in the Group and as expected strolled through to the final. For Diesel Harvey it was a much tougher route to the final. In his Group he took five games to beat the seeded Harry Keys (Southend) and in the semi final another five to overcome Daniel Young 5, 9, -10, -5, 10. In the quarter final Daniel took five games to get past Oliver Rampton -9, 9, 6, -8, 8. With Jaz Harvey (BATTS) the only girl entering the U18 Girls event she played in this event and reached the KO stage with a five game win over Toby Deng (Colchester) but then lost in five, -7, 12, 9, -8, 7, to Connor Payne (Chelmsford). Jack won the final 8, -9, 4,6.


For the Under 11 Open event there were six entrants but overnight this increased to seven and increased to eight just before the start. I therefore changed the event from a round robin to two Groups of four, each group played on two tables. Both Group winners Maliha Baig and Toby Zeffie won their semi finals against Sam Taylor (BATTS) 7, 5, 9 and George Davis (Southend) 2, 3, 7, -10, 5 respectively and Maliha went on to win the final 5, 5, -11, -6, 8.


The last event of the day was the U18 Boys Restricted Singles, an event for those players who have never played for any of the Essex teams and no seeding. Five groups and in the top half of the draw Daniel Young reached another final, defeating Daniel Zeffie 5, 11, 9 in the semi. The bottom half of the draw turned out to be much tougher. Matthew Elliott (Brentwood) beat club mate Toby Kelly 11, -9, 6, 5 in the quarter final but then surrendered a 5-3 lead in his deciding game semi final with James Goddard to lose -10, 10, -8, 6, 6. In the quarters James had just managed to scrape past Harry Keys 7, 8, -9, 14 and went on to win the final -9, 6, 8, 5. I think a good day was enjoyed by all.


My thanks to Umpire John Jennings for his stalwart duties again and Alan Wood for obtaining such nice trophies and John Andrews, Ken Field, John Jennings and Sharon for presenting the trophies. Unlike last year when the actual trophies did not arrive in time to be presented on the day, at least the trophies had arrived (only just) and could be presented but not the inscribed plates. These will now be sent through the post so the winners and runners up so they can stick the plates to the trophies.

Arthur C. Clark
Essex Junior Match Secretary and Tournament Organiser.


BATTS 1 STAR OPEN 10/11 MAY 2014


The second BATTS One Star Junior Open Tournament of season 2013/14 was held at the home of BATTS Table Tennis Club, the Norman Booth Centre, Old Harlow on the 10/11 May. There was a massive entry, 120 all told, which meant reluctantly that Consolation events for those players who failed to finish in the top two places in their Groups could not be held for the U16, U15 and U13 Boys and Under 16 Girls events. Players entered from as far away as Hampshire, Beds, Northants and Norfolk as well as four of the Greenhouse Centres and a contingent of eight players from the island of Jersey.

Saturday morning started with the Under 16 Boys event, eight Groups of five players. With four players not arriving on the day (two of them numbers 1 and 7 seeds) one scratch entry made a Group of three up to four. Only three of the remaining six seeds won their Groups. In the top half number 4 seed James Knudson (E) was therefore expected to reach the final, but in the quarter final he fell to Jersey’s unseeded Jacob Gosselin 7, 7, -6, 4 and in the semi final Jacob defeated Norfolk’s Jacob Goss 5, 9, 5. In the bottom half number two seed Nick Mileham (He) reached the final after a titanic battle with number 3 seed Max Aldous (Mi), coming back from two games down to win -9, -8, 5, 6, 11. In the final Nick had a game point to take the match to a deciding game but lost 8, 10, -3, 10.


At the same time the Under 16 Girls played their event, what should have been two Groups of five. However the number 1 seed, Amy Blagbrough (Hp) failed to arrive and it later transpired that her transport broke down on the way to the venue so she had to be towed home and thus took no part in this or the other events she had entered. In Group 1 number 2 seed Charlize Uy (He) lost to Zoe Davies (E) -9, -9, 11, 6, 7 but by beating Group 2 winner Jasmine Chan (Mi) 6, 10, 13 in the semi final she reached the final. Similarly in the other semi final Group 2 runner up Gracie Edwards (E) beat Zoe 7, 9, 9 so both group runners up reached the final with Gracie winning 1, -4, 10, 6. In the Consolation event Sarah James (E) carried on her last season’s Consolation winning ways, this time beating Ruth Marsden (K) -5, 10, 7, 8.


The afternoon saw the Under 14 events. For the boys five Groups of five and one of four with three withdrawals Groups 1 and 2, which only had three players each were merged into a group of six to avoid those players sitting around for an hour and a half waiting for the other Groups to finish. Four top seeds won their Groups but number 1 seed Zaiim Premji (Mi) lost to Jack Stockdale (E) and number 4 seed Zachary Martillo (Ca) lost to Luc Miller (Jersey), Luc scraped through his quarter final against Thomas Connelly (Nk) -8, 10, -9, 5, 6 but lost the semi to number 2 seed Samuel Hume (E) 7, 10, -8, 8. In the other half Zachary and Jack met in the quarter final with Zachary coming through -7, 3, -10, 9, 4 but in another five setter he lost to Kian Burgess (Sk) -2, 6, 6, -7, 5. In the final Kian beat Sam 9, 11, 6. The Consolation final was an Eastbury Greenhouse affair, Rokas Dedinas defeating Ali Cangir 7, 9, 9 having defeated schoolmate Louis Jones 10, -10, 8, -5, 8 in the semi. In the other semi Ali beat Alfie Sutherland (Jey) 7, 3, 6.


For the Girls there should have been two groups of five U14 players but with four withdrawals a round robin Group of six was created instead. Gracie won her second event of the day without dropping a game with Ruth Marsden the runner up. The Consolation trophies were presented to Alana Mansfield (E) and Eve Whitaker (Bd).

Sunday’s events attracted massive entries so it was not possible to hold Consolation events for the U13 & 15 Boys or U15 Girls events and started with the Under 13 Boys and Girls events. All 15 girls turned up to play (in three Groups of 5) but of 43 Boys entered (seven Groups of four and three Groups of five) 8 failed to arrive, only two of which were known to be injured. This left two players in Group 6 who were moved to other Groups who were short and the one scratch player who turned up on the morning could occupy one of the vacant places. Six of the nine seeds won their Group, two of the seeds lost 11-9 in the deciding game and the other two seeds were among the absentees. Kian Burgess (Sk) again had a good run to the semi fianal where this time he was edged out in a five game thriller by number 1 seed James Kelly (Ca) 5, -6, -9, 10, 9. In the other half Jersey’s unseeded Luc Miller, having beaten the seed in his Group, had what appeared by the scores an easy run to the final beating number 4 seed Jaycee Chan (Mi) 5, 3, 5 in the semi after beating Zaiim Premji (Mi) 3-1 in the quarter. The final went the full distance swinging one way and then the other with James finally crossing the winning line -8, 6, 9, -6, 7.


In the U13 Girls the top three girls, Jemma Walker (Bu), Amelia Chan (Mi) and Gracie Edwards (E) won all their matches in their respective Groups, all 3-0 except for Jemma who had to come back from 2-0 down to beat Federica Tazartes (Sy) -14, -7, 9, 9, 3. In the other 18 group matches 9 of them went to a deciding game. Federica must be considering herself unlucky, having lost in the decider to the number 1 seed in the Group she then lost an even closer quarter final to number 3 seed Gracie Edwards -8, 6, 9, -11, 11. Gracie, however, found Amelia just too good in the semi losing -7, 3, 6, 9 and Amelia went on to beat Jemma in the final 2, 8, 1 after Jemma had beaten Lois Perryman (K) 5, 7, 6 in her semi. In the Consolation event Isabella Hudson (Mi) beat Yassmire Al-Amire (Mi) 9, -9, 5, 8.


The afternoon saw the Under 15 events and the Under 11 Open. For the Boys event there were nine Groups of four but with eight players withdrawing including the top three seeds, only one known to be injured, the Reserve and three on the day requests could be fitted in. All the remaining seeds won their Groups although three of them required a deciding game win in one of their matches. Group 7 was the first Group of the weekend to need a three way countback, not only on games but on points with Jaycee Chan (Mi) taking top spot over Luc Miller (Jey) by 4 points. With the top seeds missing the KO stage had an open look about it. The highest seed, Max Aldous (Mi) eventually made the final but it was hard work with five games needed in both quarter and semi finals. His quarter final opponent was Zaiim Premji (Mi), beaten 10, 5, -4, -5, 8 with Kian Burgess (Sk) the 8, -8, 7, -8, 7 semi opponent. In the other half Zachary Martillo (Ca) defeated the original number five seed James Knudsen (E) -7, -11, 8, 9, 1. The final seemed to lack the higher standards of previous years with Zachary eventually winning 10, 3, -8, 8.


There were four Groups in the Under 15 Girls event, two of four players and two of five. Seeds Jasmine Chan (Mi), Charlize Uy, (He) and Jemma Walker (Bu) all won their Groups but the Group in which Amy Blagbrough should have played ended in the only other three way tie of the weekend. Games countback gave Ruth Marsden (K) top spot, Megan Allaway (He) runner up and Rebecca Lowman (E) third place. Jasmine found Charlotte Boston (Ca) fighting back a 2-0 deficit in the quarter final before edging through 12, 3, -7, -6, 12, with an easier semi win over Charlize 7, -5, 6, 6. In the other half Jemma met five game specialist Federica Tazartes in the semi winning that -7, 7, 7, -5, 7 but lost the final to Jasmine 7, 10, 6.


It was good to have sixteen entrants again in the U11 Open event but with some players playing in their first Tournament event ETTA ranking points not necessarily a good guide particularly as the number 1 seed, Benjamin Mencer did not turn up. Felix Thomis (Bk) and Jaden Aulakh (E) won their Groups but Declan Garner (E) could only finish third in his Group, beaten by William McCarthy (K) and Alfie Sutherland (Jey) In Benjamin’s Group Shay Graham (Np) was the winner. Jaden defeated Alana Mansfield (E) 10, -10, 10, 6 in the quarters and Alfie 5, 4, 9 in the semi whilst in the other half William defeated Felix -9, 4, 7, 8 in the semi and went on to win the final 6, 8, 7. In the Consolation event Rahy Premji (Mi) beat George Anderson (E) 6, 8, 7.

Another enjoyable weekend for all the players and a hectic two days for me. It was unfortunate that with the BATTS policy of running Consolation events wherever the Schedule permits for those players who do not finish in the top two places in their Group and gives the lesser players a chance of winning some honours, Consolation events for the Boys could only be held in the U11 and U14 events but the Girls were luckier with only no time available for a Consolation in the U16 event. To have staged Consolations for the other events would have meant very late evening finishes. We hope the Jersey Players enjoyed their weekend in Essex and they venture back again in the future.

Arthur C. Clark
Essex Junior Match Secretary
Member of the BATTS Organising Committee.

British League Sunday  17


Score Board 2Essex Junior Secretary Arthur Clark, reports on Junior Division 1B matches played on Saturday 29 March 2014.

The final round of Junior Division 1B County Championship matches were played at Cippenham Table Tennis Club on Saturday 29 March where the eight teams in the Division gathered together to complete the matches. With such vast distances between the teams the Division had been split into two more local halves for the first rounds of matches to reduce travelling. Plymouth for Cornwall 1, Devon 1, Dorset 1 and Sussex 2 and Ashford, Middlesex, for Middlesex 2, Surrey 2 and Essex 1 and 2, each team playing three matches. After this first round of matches Middlesex 2 and Devon 1 led the Table with six points each whilst Sussex 2 and Essex 2 were yet to score a point. Cornwall 1 were on the verge of pulling out on the Friday evening when their match Secretary and team driver went down with a serious viral infection but a very late evening offer from a player parent saved that (he managed to get out of working on the Saturday) and the team arrived just as the first round of matches were starting after their very early morning wake up.

On the Essex front Jared and Ella Patel had informed me of their non- availability a month beforehand as had Annabelle Gibson who is currently in South Africa and Ryan Williams who had been banned from playing in all Tournament matches for a period as he had picked up too many yellow cards at recent Tournaments.
Thus the selected teams became Charlie Bates, Jermaine Fearon, Patrick Gilbert (a later replacement), Emily Godfrey and Jane Li for Essex 1 and Josh Sidki, Livingstone Nadarajah, Sam Lowman, Ryan Gooday Tiana Dennison and Stephanie Cross for Essex 2, it being my preference to take four boys for the second team. On the Wednesday teatime I was notified of the withdrawal of Jermaine and Josh and on Thursday teatime came the withdrawal of Livingstone. From frantic phone calls to the other players on the Essex Ranking and Registration Form Luke Jones signified his availability and was promptly selected (thanks Luke) but none of the others could play due to other commitments, including school work for exams, at this late stage. Thus the Essex players who played (and especially me) feel very badly let down about the very late withdrawals (not through illness or injury I am led to believe) and the fact that the Essex 2 team only had 2 boy players will lead to Essex County being fined by the ETTA for being a player short in their four matches.

To get on to the report on the matches played it was always going to be a difficult day for both teams and they would both rely heavily on the girls winning a lot of their matches. This was not to be easy when later analysis showed that that ten of the sixteen girls playing were ranked in the England top 50.

For Essex 1 their first match was against Dorset 1 and Luke, Patrick and Charlie all lost their opening matches 3-1. Luke was closest to chalking up a win in the boys remaining matches when losing 11-8 in the decider with Jacob Elliott. Emily and Jane won all four of their matches against Hannah McErlane and Lily Cherry, although for Emily it was a nail biting 13-11 decider against Hannah. Thus a 6-4 defeat.
Essex 2 had to play the long distance early morning travellers Cornwall 1. Ryan had an excellent five game win over Alex Wright and Alex was to lose only one other match during the day. Sam lost both his matches 3-0. Tiana won both her matches 3-0 but Stephanie lost to the lower ranked Dominique Williams in three 8’s. Match result a 6-4 loss.

In the next round of matches Essex 1 had to play the new leaders of the Division and title favourites Devon 1. Charlie beat both his opponents, Jordon Bone and Nathanael Sheehan 3-0 and 3-1 respectively while Patrick lost to Jordan, ranked 147, in the decider. Both Jane and Emily put up credible performances against England No. 10 Jazmin Johns, Jane losing 9, 9, 10 and Emily 13, -4, 6, 6. Jane went on to beat England No. 30 Beth Wilson 3, 7, 7 whilst Emily lost to her 4, 8, 3. A 7-3 defeat.
Essex 2 played Sussex 2 who had just beaten the previous leaders Middlesex 2. Tiana and Stephanie won both their matches and both will be pleased with their wins over the higher ranked Holly Holder. Ryan came closest to a win when he lost 12-10 in the fourth to William Goodstone.

For the third round of matches both teams had to play the opponents their colleagues had just played. Both Luke and Patrick lost to William in the decider and Luke was unlucky not to get something more from his match with Daniel Pound (England No. 88) when losing 4, 10, 13. When Charlie played him it was nip and tuck before Charlie got home 10, -11, 11, -4, 11. Both Emily and Jane found the Sussex girls harder to beat than Tiana and Stephanie had. Jane and Emily were both taken to a decider by Holly, Jane winning to 7 and Emily to 9. Charlie’s win gave the team the one point they needed to avoid any chance of relegation and Luke just failed to get the team a win when losing that last match to William.

When top, Devon, meet bottom, Essex 2, one would expect a straightforward win. Although the final scoreline was 10-0 it wasn’t quite that way. Samuel Lowman had lost one of his games 16-14 in his 3-0 defeat by Jordan Bone, Stephanie Cross had also lost 16-14 to Jazmin Johns when trying to take that match to a decider and Tiana Dennison, after losing the first two games to 9 to Beth Wilson took the third 16-14 and the fourth to 4 to set up the day’s longest game. 10-4 down Tiana clawed the next six points back and with an attacking game from both players, Tiana saving the majority of match points, the score reached 20-20 before two mistakes gave the match to Beth.

In the final round of matches Essex 1 played Cornwall 1. Jane beat Dominique 3-1 after losing the first game 12-10 and winning the second game to love. She also won 33 of the 38 points played in the match with Paige Baker. Emily also beat Paige but lost to Dominique 11-7 in the decider. Charlie beat James Wright 3-1 and in a very close match with Carl Baldry (ranked 83) just managed to win 7, -11, 12, -7, 10 to get Essex 1 a draw. This was Carl’s only defeat of the day.
Essex 2 played Dorset 1 and lost 7-3. Tiana won both her matches 3-0 one of which was against the slightly higher ranked Hannah McErlane whilst Stephanie, after coming back from 2-0 down lost to her 11-9 in the decider. Both Sam and Ryan had chances to win one of their matches. Sam was 2-0 up against Zac Dowling, then losing the third to 10 and the decider to 8 whilst Ryan, 2-0 down to Jacob Elliott won the next two games 7 and 14 only to lose the last five points in the decider after leading 9-6.

Essex 1
Charlie 5 wins out of 8, sadly Luke and Patrick no wins out of 8, Emily 5 wins out of 8 and Jane 7 wins out of 8. For Luke, who has another year as a junior, I hope he has gained experience from the day’s play and he will still be in line for selection next season.

Essex 2
Sam 0 wins out of 8, Ryan 1 win out of 8, Stephanie 4 wins out of 8 and Tiana 6 wins out of 8.

Over the two rounds of matches Jane won 12 out of 14, only surpassed by the unbeaten England No. 10 Jazmin Johns.

So Essex 1 retain their position in Division 1 but Essex 2 are relegated. We also say goodbye to Emily and Charlie as juniors and thank them for their loyalty and success in the Essex teams over the last few years and wish them success in their adult careers. Thanks also to Simon Lowman for coaching advice to some of the players in the absence of Stuart Gibbs.

Final  Table
  P W D L F A Pts
Devon 1 7 7 0 0 54 16 14
Middlesex 2 7 5 0 2 43 27 10
Dorset 1 7 4 1 2 38 32 9
Cornwall 1 7 3 2 2 38 32 8
Sussex 2 7 3 1 3 33 37 7
Essex 1 7 2 2 3 37 33 6
Surrey 2 7 1 0 6 20 50 2
Essex 2 7 0 0 7 17 53 0


Arthur C. Clark
Essex Junior Match Secretary.