The National Championships 73

A Good Win for Essex Juniors


 With the Junior Division 1B again spread across the Country from Essex to Cornwall it was originally proposed to split the Division in half as last season to reduce travelling for the first round of matches. However as Table Tennis England had taken both London area venues for Premier County matches no other venue could be found for the eastern half so Hampshire offered their new Winchester venue. Some two weeks beforehand the Middlesex second team withdrew from the Division as they now had no one to organise and look after their team so there were now only seven teams in the Division. The Westgate venue was a nightmare to find, even for those with sat-navs, through the town centre one way streets and a lack of direction signs and street nameplates. With Jermaine Fearon not answering to the invite to play for the first team, Luke Jones accepted the promotion invite.

Essex’s first match was against a Kent team who had been relegated from the Premier Division last season and with the team of boys they had a clear intention to get back into the Premier Division. Tom Windram, James Smith and Ben Foster won all six matches against Ryan Williams, Sam Hume and Luke Jones with Sam the only one to take a game off their opponents. In the Girls matches Jane Li beat Becky Hancock 3, 5, 3 whilst Tiana Dennison defeated her 6, 3, 18 from 10-8 up and at least ten match points before clinching the match. Against Evie Foster Tiana lost 9, -9, 9, 9 whilst Jane, 27 points below Evie in the Ranking List held a match point in the fourth game before losing 10, -7, -8, 10 , 9. An 8-2 defeat.

Essex had a bye in the second round, they should have been playing the Middlesex team.

In the last round of matches Essex 1 had Sussex 2 to play, a must win if Essex were to avoid relegation. Not a good start with Sam losing to the Sussex No. 1 George Hazell 13, 4, 10. On the other table in the contest of the No. 3’s Luke had a comfortable victory over Scott Covey 6, 7, 9. Jane and Tiana then won their matches to put Essex 3-1 up against Alice Hazell (three 5,s) and Emma Sheen (11, 9, -10, 9) respectively. Ryan then squeezed home against William Goodstone 11, 9, -10, 9 and Sam a more dramatic win over Scott. At two games all Sam found himself 10-6 down in the decider. But Sam is a fighter and four points later the match had swung and Sam quickly took the next two points for a great win. Then with two easy wins for the girls the match was won. Ryan beat George 3-0 but Luke lost the last match of the day 5, 9, 9, to William.

Current Table after the first round of matches is:

P          W         D         L          F          A          Pts

Hampshire                  3          3          0          0          27          3        6

Dorset 1                      3          2          0          1          17        13        4

Kent                             2          2          0          0          16          4        4

Essex 1                       2          1          0          1          10        10        2

Devon 2                      3          0          1          2            8        22        1

Cornwall 1                   3          0          1          2            8        22        1

Sussex 2                     2          0          0          2            4        16        0

The final round of matches will be held at Cippenham on 7 March 2015 when Essex will play, Hampshire, Dorset 1, Devon 2 and Cornwall 1.


Arthur C. Clark
Essex Junior Match Secretary and
Junior Division 1B Organiser.